About Meet Us Don’t Eat Us

ViVe has a variety of projects underway related to environmental protection and human welfare issues and this summer will offer a volunteering project for individuals interested in protecting whales. For the past five years the members of ViVe have worked with IFAW or The International Fund for Animal Welfare on the project: Meet Us Don’t Eat Us, which is a collaboration project between IFAW and Icewhale. During the summer of 2017 up to 30 volunteers will be able to participate in this project. There is a participation fee of 250 euros  to be paid upon arrival in Iceland.

Volunteers collect signatures for our online petition which is about protecting whales, and also conduct a questionnaire and inform tourists why they should not taste whale meat.

How to volunteer

Volunteering is quite simple, you can apply through partnered organizations – and if you have any queries then you can simply just send us a line, check out our contact info under contacts or register directly here:

Our volunteers live in comfortable dwellings and we place emphasis on them being acquainted with Icelandic culture, society and its nature. Our long term volunteers receive purposeful Icelandic lessons and short-term volunteers are introduced to some helpful Icelandic phrases. All of our volunteers receive crucial training about all matters related to whale protection.

Emphasis is placed on an ecological lifestyle and ecological food and ViVe provides healthy  food that emphasizes this. In addition all our volunteers have the opportunity to go on one “off the beaten” track excursion with ViVE to see a wonderful waterfall near Reykjavík. Volunteers are also encouraged to go on excursions in their leisure time and also receive help from ViVe in organizing such excursions.


Members of ViVe have been working closely with IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, along with Icewhale on animal welfare issues; in particular whale protection with an emphasis on minke whales and fin whales. The campaign has been known as Meet Us Don’t Eat Us.

Numerous volunteers from Ghana, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Croatia and all around the globe have joined this campaign as either short term or long term volunteers. Each camp lasts for two weeks.

Frequently asked questions about Meet us Don't Eat US

1) Why have foreign volunteers been doing this project instead of Icelandic ones?
This campaign is about approaching foreign visitors who are tasting whale meat for curiosity reasons. It is best to have foreign volunteers doing that.
2) How are the working arrangements?
Volunteers will work 7 hours a day, five days a week and can go whale watching for free and have also have free entrance to the Whales of Iceland exhibition.
3) Is whale meat not popular and traditional in Iceland?
No, it is neither. Only 1,5% of Icelanders eat it regularly. In fact more tourists taste it than Icelanders actually do.

I had a good time with Marvin and Siggi. I think they are both intelligent and open, and I can only agree with the way in which they were conducting their work. It was an open atmosphere which also provided space for discussion regarding the work as well as topics not related to the work


Very enjoyable! You were both approachable and very knowledgeable about the subject. I learnt a lot, so thank you.


"Personally, I really enjoyed the work. Both of you were friendly and took care of the volunteers. I really enjoyed the training in the beginning, and I am glad for the whale watching and the whale museum as well. Takk fyrir síðast!"