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User directed personal assistance began in North America and Denmark over five decades ago. The initial trailblazer in Europe was Evald Krog who headed the organization Musklesvindfonden for over three decades. The model for ViVe’s UDPA or user directed personal assistance can be traced to those beginnings. Guðjón Sigurðsson, one of ViVe’s managers, has been a vocal proponent of UDPA for over a decade. Guðjón is also chairman of the MND association in Iceland.

ViVe was instrumental in bringing Evald Krog to Iceland back in 2010 to garner support for the cause in Iceland. This initiative was successful and led to the parliamentary resolution that was passed in Alþingi early in 2011. ViVe offers seminars, courses and educational packages about UDPA according to agreement and wishes.

Frequently asked questions about UDPA.

1) Can UDPA work for all disabled people? 
UDPA works best for physically disabled people who have the mental capacity to direct their services.
2) Can UDPA work for elderly people?
Yes, for those who want to live at home instead of at institutions and have the mental capacity to direct their personal services.
3) How is ViVe going to ensure UDPA is a real choice within the social services sector in Iceland? 
By lobbying government, MP’s, media and creating alliances with other organizations. Also by introducing our ideology through meetings, lectures and training.